Fresh Bakery

Baked delights, fresh out of the oven!

Enjoy warm authentic sourdough bread fresh out of the oven, European pastries and cookies, special occasion cakes and more. Our bakery products are baked fresh daily in-store by our experienced bakers or brought in from the finest bakeries across Ontario. Looking for specialty items? We’ve got them too! We carry a wide selection of yeast-free, gluten-free, diabetic friendly breads and cookies. We want to ensure everyone can find something they can enjoy in our bakery!

Below is just a sample of our many offerings. Please visit us in-store to discover our full selection



No yeast
Diabetic Friendly

100% Rye

Sunflower Bread

Dark Rye


Sour Dough

Italian Buns

Português Buns

Polish Buns

Sausage Bun

Hamburger Bun

Kaiser Bun

Walnut Rolls

Poppy-seed Rolls

Custard Square


Sweet Cookies (Chrust)

Portuguese Tarts



Sweet Cheese Buns

What People Say

Fabulous! I was looking for yeast free (not gluten free but yeast free), sugar free bread; and good bread. Someone told me to try Alicia’s. I’m glad they did and I’m glad I went! I spent an hour there! When you walk in you’re transported to Europe! Fine goods for sure. It’s a European grocer. They have all my favourites. I had no idea, so I was very happy. From European goodies like candy, cakes, cookies, to meats, cheeses, breads, pastries, pastas, coffees, you name it, Alicia’s has it! Even health food and healthy toiletries like lotions, deodorants etc.You know it’s a good place when not only is it busy on a week night but also when there are Europeans also shopping there. I was seriously impressed and will be back. I suggest you try it. For something different for your palate. Caution: don’t go when you’re hungry!


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Love the cheesecake love the pudding donuts love the bread love the strawberry shortcake love the deli love the samples love the perogies love the people the staff are very polite love them all did I mention love the cheesecake love the pudding donuts love the cheesecake LOL I LOVE ALICIA’S BAKERY

Jeannie Haftar

posted on Google

Selection of Eastern European foods is great. From perogies, deli, breads and grains, to milk products and authentic desserts, this place is great to get all your favorites. The staff are hit or miss, most have been pleasant, some not so much. Still love coming here!

Oleksiy Zaika

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Here often for the sandwiches, couldn’t recommend higher! Staff are very friendly, meats and cheeses are delicious, many different foods you would never find in a canadian supermarket. Prices are fair, about what you would expect of a locally run market.

Josh Lesko

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Absolutely love this place great polish foods breads and desserts. Looking to barbecue some sausages this is the place to get them from.

Joe A

posted on Google

Great fresh Deli. Multiple languages and fresh buns. Wide assortment of products not found in a typical grocery store.

Kelly Cavener

posted on Google

Very popular deli/ bakery place. The paczki (ponchkeys) are delicious. Nice meats, breads, perogies and so much more.

Andrew Ciupka

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Great selection and good prices at the deli. Love going there and my wife loves their own rye bread, very few additives.

Bill Millar

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Amazing selection in meats and sweets, I can never have enough of this market the best in London Ontario

Dave Velazquez

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Polish deli
Very good deli with excellent service, good prices, and tasty deli meat and great bread. The bbq sausages were terrific. Will be back soon.


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Great place for hard to find European goods with excellent butcher and bakery counters.

Jason I

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Best place and best price to get fresh buns and sandwich meat.

Dub DaToolman

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The BEST Cream Puffs In Middlesex County!!! i will be back!

Trace Garvey

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