Deli Market

Top quality meats for all of your needs

Explore Europe through our famous deli. We hand select some of the finest meats for their scent and taste, and avoid preservatives whenever possible. With over 100 varieties of pepperettes, liver, sausage, Polish Kabanos, ham and salami, your sandwiches and meat boards will never taste better!

Below is just a sample of our many offerings. Please visit us in-store to discover our full selection

Black Forest Ham

Roasted Ham

Hungarian Salami

Pork Wieners

Pork & Veal Wieners

Knackwurst Wieners

Grandma Ham

Country Ham

Pork Loin

Smoked Shoulder

German Salami

Gypsy Prosciutto

Mexican Salami

Smoked Bacon

Cooked Bacon

Baked Bacon

Wood Smoked Sausage

No Garlic Sausage

Swojska Sausage

Goralska Sausage

Kabanos Sausage

Roast Beef

Corned Beef


Montreal Smoked Beef

Peppercorn All Beef Salami

Extra Lean Cooked Chicken

Over Roasted Chicken Breast

Chicken Bologna

Smoked Chicken Breast

Chicken Wieners

Smoked Turkey

Turkey Kolbassa

Roasted Turkey Breast

Turkey Kabanos

Turkey Sausage

What People Say

Deli extraordinaire. Cold cuts of all varieties. Many types of sausage from mild to very hot. Fresh rye bread baked locally. Many types of buns. Foods from around the world. Primarily east european–Poland, Hungary. Germany and some Russian. Busiest time is Saturday morning but bread is baked that day. Go early if you want fresh bread. Many different desserts also available. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Be patient with new trainees. Try the home made sausages. So so many kinds of sausage! Definitely try the turkey sausage on your bbq! Mmm mmm.

Sandra Neubauer

posted on Google

Love love love this shop. The staff are so friendly, and the food is so good. Extremely wide selection of deli-meats, cheeses, and European treats. Prices are very reasonable. Quality is through the roof good. Their fresh breads remind me of my grandparents old bakery. I can’t say enough good things about Alicia’s fine foods. If you’re looking for the best cold-cuts and deli in London, you need to stop in here.

Scott Mclean

posted on Google

Best deli in London. Without a doubt, this is the best Deli in the London area. The store has an amazing selection of cold cuts and shelves and shelves of speciality foods. The staff is Polish speaking and they are also fluent in English. They are extremely helpful and friendly. The prices are very good. They also carry a selection of Polish and German magazines. Well worth a visit.

Bill B

posted on TripAdvisor

This is a wonderful deli with bakery and Polish groceries. Their sausages are wonderful and their desserts and breads are great. I love all the unique European foods you can get here and highly recommend it to anyone who is also Polish.

Teresa Logan

posted on Google

Alicias is one of the only good european delis in the city. It offers delecatessen from Poland, Russia and Ukraine. The staff are friendly, they all speak English, Polish and some even Russian. High quality products at good prices!

Сергей Сергеевич

posted on Google

I love Alicia’s.The staff are friendly and full your order quickly.Not to mention that the food there is great. Their deli meats are the best.

Derinda Jones

posted on Google

Great Polish deli
Amazing assortment of Polish deli products, fresh and vey affordable All deli meats sliced to order and a vast array of sausages and breads.

Harry D

posted on TripAdvisor

Excellence in service and delicious quality produce meat, pastas and all the delli and delicatessen in desserts Polish

Chloe’ 09

posted on Google

Alicias in london the only place anywhere to buy the best polish sausage no other store can come close to alicias fine foods.

Raymond A Kulak

posted on Facebook

Alicia shopping trip
I found wonderful liverwurst that I have not seen since my father used to buy it years ago. Get staff friend & helpful

Susan Z

posted on TripAdvisor

Would be nice to see the chorezo salami on sale some time… It’s my place for cold cuts and kvass

Evgeny Denisewitsch

posted on Google

Best cold cuts in london. If you love pickles or anything pickled this is the place to get it


posted on Google

European deli. Good selection of cold cuts, sausages, cheese and imported food products.

Werner Warga

posted on Google

Love the fresh deli and great variety of products in the store.

Debbie DeGrande

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