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From confectionery and chocolates, to preserves, condiments, canned fish, crackers and more, we carry the largest selection of imported Eastern European products. We also have a large selection of imported non-alcoholic beverages (juice, soda, coffee, water), over 100 varieties of tea, and cooking essentials such as pasta, rice and beans.

What People Say

Great selection of goods from Europe, with a focus on Poland. Meat and deliver counter was amazing. Came in for a sandwich and left with a selection of quality sausage. Well worth pulling off the highway for a visit.

Solon Coburn

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Amazing selection of European, especially Polish, food. Super friendly staff. Great place to browse until an idea strikes. We got a lot of neat stuff for very reasonable prices.

Geoff Tew

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Lots of different things from all over the world. A must see. You would never know from outside that all that stuff is in there Veru clean and organized

Ron Ward

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Great assortment of European food, nice and friendly staff. We especially like their meat and fish. Hovewer, pay attention to expiry dates on some products.

Svitlana Golub

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Awesome store if you are lookung for grocery items from hungary poland etc.

Anne Molnar

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Awesome European food. Delicatessen of all sorts. It’s a must try.

Sonja Minder

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I can find all my favourite foods from Poland. I was most excited about the żurek mix, teas, sausage, saurkraut, fruit syrups, and Wedel chocolate.

Sarah Cornwell

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Great ethnic selection. High quality cold cuts.

Armando Marini

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You can find very fresh & taste European dairy and sausage!

kwangsei kim

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Good selection of European food. Prices much better than other similar stores in London.

Jorge Brzeczyszczykiewicz

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Great selection of tons of products from all corners of Europe! Their deli section is large, and you can find all the staples. The staff is very friendly too!

Andrei Calinescu

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Good selection of European Foods. Lots of sauerkraut including bulk. Lots of dried Meats

Odin Neumann

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Great spot of you’re looking for East European delicacies.

Tim Askerov

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Excellent variety of European products. Delicious. 🙂

Marta Struminski

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Good European food selection

Robert P

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