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What People Say

Lots of different polish products from sweets, deli, cheeses, sausages to condiments, cosmetics and even movies and magazines. All at fairly reasonable prices considering almost everything in the store is imported.

Marcin Tandecki

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Fabulous! I was looking for yeast free (not gluten free but yeast free), sugar free bread; and good bread. Someone told me to try Alicia’s. I’m glad they did and I’m glad I went! I spent an hour there! When you walk in you’re transported to Europe! Fine goods for sure. It’s a European grocer. They have all my favourites. I had no idea, so I was very happy. From European goodies like candy, cakes, cookies, to meats, cheeses, breads, pastries, pastas, coffees, you name it, Alicia’s has it! Even health food and healthy toiletries like lotions, deodorants etc.You know it’s a good place when not only is it busy on a week night but also when there are Europeans also shopping there. I was seriously impressed and will be back. I suggest you try it. For something different for your palate. Caution: don’t go when you’re hungry!


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This European Deli has taste of The World!…Fantastic owner Alicia has here great home made food like your Mama use to make…sausage,meats,polish cabbage rolls,fish,soups and pierogies,not to mention amazing polish cakes and pastries…mmm You will find here also polish souvenirs, some clothes, newspapers, cosmetics and natural supplements…My rate is Top Five!

Ursula Bladek

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Great Polish deli
Amazing assortment of Polish deli products, fresh and vey affordable All deli meats sliced to order and a vast array of sausages and breads.

Harry D

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Very good deli with excellent service, good prices, and tasty deli meat and great bread. The bbq sausages were terrific. Will be back soon.


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