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Simply reheat when you’re ready to eat, and bring European-inspired meals home to share with your loved ones. Prepared daily in our store using fine, fresh ingredients we have a wide selection of chilled Eastern European cuisine such as pierogies, schnitzel, cabbage salad, coleslaw, and soup. We also have a freezer aisle stocked with homemade pierogies, Czech dumplings, soups, and more.

What People Say

Great place. Excellent range of European products and especially for high-quality ready made soups, pierogi, bakery items, and other Eastern European delicacies. The deli counter is expansive and far cheaper than those found in traditional supermarkets. I hope they might consider expanding their square footage to offer fresh produce; I’d do almost all my shopping there if they did. Highly recommend.


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My go to Deli!
This deli is my absolute go to for cold cuts, sausage and cheese, bread and buns. I particularly love their salamis and the large variety they stock. Compared to buying your cold cuts at Metro, for example, Alicia’s is very competitive and the quality superior in my opinion. They also have a wonderful dry good selection where you can find pickled everything and all very reasonably priced. Always lots of staff to serve you which is helpful because some days the customer line is 20 deep.


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Best deli in London. Without a doubt, this is the best Deli in the London area. The store has an amazing selection of cold cuts and shelves and shelves of speciality foods. The staff is Polish speaking and they are also fluent in English. They are extremely helpful and friendly. The prices are very good. They also carry a selection of Polish and German magazines. Well worth a visit.

Bill B

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Do yourself a favor. Walk right to the back. On the right side. In the fridge there are these pickled jars of bigos. Grab one. Buy it. Eat it. You won’t regret it! Also grab some of their soup too! Actually try everything because its really good!

Devon Arsenault

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Great place for lunch….sausage on a bun..roast beef and cheese…mmmmm…for under $5…shhh don’t tell anybody lol

Leo Brown

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