Cheese Boutique

Discover cheeses spanning from all over the world

Whether you’re looking for the tartiest Bulgarian Feta, a Linburger or Quark, we have hand-picked some of the finest, hard-to-find cheeses from all over Europe. We have over 100 different types of cheeses from Poland, Holland, Canada, Switzerland and more. Our Cheese Boutique attracts customers from near and far for its’ exceptional variety of hard-to-find European cheeses.

Below is just a sample of our many offerings. Please visit us in-store to discover our full selection

Applewood Smoked Cheddar


Bellivitano Balsalmic Cheddar


Cheddar Mild

Cheddar Medium

Cheddar Old

Cheddar Extra Old

Cheddar Smoked

Cheddar Colby


Dziurawiec (Polish)

Edam (Dutch)

Edam (Polish)


Grana Padano

Gouda (Polish)

Gouda Mild

Gouda Medium

Gouda Old

Gouda Smoked

Gouda Spice

Grana Padano

Gunn’s Hill Cheeses

Havarti Plain

Havarti Smoked

Havarti Jalapeño

Havarti Herb & Spice

Havarti Light

Havarti Garden Vegetable

Havarti Herb

Havarti Dill


Kashkaval (Greek)

Kefalograviera (Greek)


Kurpiowski (Polish)

Lappi Cheese

Light Jarlsberg

Magnat (Polish)

Manouri (Greek)

Markiz (Polish)

Morski (Polish)


Muenster Lappi


Oka with Mushroom

Parmigiano – Reggiano

Provolone Light

Provolone Smoked


Radamer (Polish)

Rolaoa Ustrzycka (Polish)

Rycki (Polish)

Saganaki (Greek)

Saint Augustin

Salami (Polish)

Saldked (Polish)

Smoked Mozzarella

Sokol (Polish)


Szlackecik (Polish)


Zloty Mazur (Polish)

Beemster Goat

Beppino Occelli’s – Losa di capra

Chevre Noir

Goat Gouda

Grey Owl Chevre

Humboldt Fog Chevre

Murcia al Vino



Swiss Ementaler




Crossroads Sheep Gouda

Highland Blue





Manchego – 12 Months (Spanish)


Pecorino al Tartufo

Pecorino Toscano

Pecorino alle Noci


Sein d’Hélène

Sheep Gouda

Zacharie Cloutier

What People Say

My go to Deli!
This deli is my absolute go to for cold cuts, sausage and cheese, bread and buns. I particularly love their salamis and the large variety they stock. Compared to buying your cold cuts at Metro, for example, Alicia’s is very competitive and the quality superior in my opinion. They also have a wonderful dry good selection where you can find pickled everything and all very reasonably priced. Always lots of staff to serve you which is helpful because some days the customer line is 20 deep.

posted on TripAdvisor

Alicia’s is truly the best! Their fresh meat, cheeses, breads are one of a kind. The ladies that work there are always lovely and friendly. They also have a wonderful selection of organic and natural foods and a fantastic frozen section. I shop here weekly, sometimes twice!

Tanya Marie

posted on Facebook

This is the best food Store in Canada,with multiple choice’s of GMO free products I love the delicious delicate cake’sas cheeses from Europe etc,Many herbs with the highest quality content.Its worth visiting to see how Great service is provided

Jacek Seroka

posted on Google

The best deli meat and cheeses in town. Good place to get European specialty items. The pierogi and sauerkraut can’t be beat.

Chris Munroe

posted on Google

I love this place,the food is excellent.A really nice variety of meats cheese and bread. Staff are great too!

Jim Heydon

posted on Facebook

Great place, good European meats, cheeses, specialty chocolates

Susan Zirnsak Pike

posted on Google